CMH Graduation – June 14, 2009   10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

This Sunday June 14 is a very special day for our 12th Graders.  It is their Graduation from Bal Vihar, their spiritual school, where their teachers have tirelessly worked to help them transform their Knowledge into wisdom.  The Graduation Ceremony is a treat to behold and an opportunity to see how our 12th graders have blossomed into young adults.

The Satsanga this Sunday by Acarya Sri Gaurangbhai is truly unique and symbolic of the significance of Graduation and the path beyond. 

Hon. Sri Sanjiv Arora, Consul General of India had to travel for some urgent official work. Mr. N.K. Ghai will represent CG Sri Aroraji at the graduation.

There will be no Bal Vihar classes and lunch program on June 14.  We encourage all adults and Bala Vihar children in grades 6 and above, as well as Alumni class to attend this special ceremony.  Please be seated in the Smrti Hall by 9:45 AM.

Bala Vihar Re-enrolment Process for 2009-2010

Last Sunday was the deadline for re-enrolling in Bala Vihar.  Based on the forms received so far the Registration team will start preparing for Bala Vihar roster for the new year.
If for some reason you could not submit your children’s enrolment form and cannot even locate the Bal Vihar form mailed to you, you may send an email to  with your child’s name, grade, parents’ name and home (or primary) phone number. You will receive reenrolment form through e-mail.

We need printed signed reenrolment form for our records. 

Please be aware that in the absence of this form your child’s name will not be included in the Bala Vihar roster for the New Year which starts from September 13, 2009.