Bala Vihar Curriculum

The Chimaya Bala Vihar curriculum includes various devotional, philosophical, and ethical texts and topics, focusing on developing love for God. It is a structured, age appropriate program which runs from KG – 12th grade. In the elementary years emphasis is on learning and practicing values. Children are introduced to values in a fun way through ‘Alphabet Safari’ and the ‘Vedanta Alphabet’. Complex questions like: ‘Where is God?’ ‘What does he do?’, ‘If he is everywhere, why can we not see him?’ are logically answered. Through the medium of storytelling, they learn to love the Lord as Hanuman, Rama and Krishna and strive to emulate their qualities. 

Each week a specific value such as caring, sharing, forgiveness is taught and discussed. In the following class the children share with their friends whether and to what extent they practiced that value. Shravanam and Mananam start in childhood itself. Later, in the teenage years, focus is on understanding spirituality and fundamental Vedantic principles.

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Sample Lessons

The Alphabet Safari  – Grade Kindergarten

  Bala Ramayana – Grade 1 Download
  Sri Hanuman The Super Superman – Grade 2 Download
  Bala Bhagavatam – Grade 3 Download
  Krsna Krsna Everywhere – Grade 4 Download
  My Twenty-Four Teachers – Grade 4 Download
  Symbolism In Hinduism – Grade 5 Download
  India, The Sacred Land – Grade 6 Download
  Key to Success – Grade 7 Download
  P.O. Box Mr. God – Grade 7 Download
  Yato Dharmah Tato Jayah – Grade 8 Download
  Hindu Culture – Grade 9 Download
  Gita For Me – Grade 10 & 11 Download