1. Hindi classes for second session   March 24, 2019

Due to our CMH Holi celebrations on Mar. 24, we will have Hindi classes for the second session combined with the Hindi classes for first session. Plan to come on time and be in the same level classes between the two sessions.

Class timings:   10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

2. New Security Measures at CMH effective immediately

As announced in Satsang last Sunday, we will be implementing additional security measures:

1. Smriti Door: We will keep the Smriti door (facing the courtyard) closed all the time.  We will have Welcome, and Surveillance volunteers stationed near the door from 8:00 – 8:45 AM, 10:15 – 11:30 AM, and 1:00 – 2:00 PM for opening the door for members visiting the temple

2. Sliding Gate: The Sliding gate will be open from 7:30 to 8:45 AM and 10:00 – 11:30 AM.  It will remain closed rest of the time.

Note: On Sunday (March 24), the sliding gate will be opened at 12:30 PM for the first session people to return for the Holi function.

3. Balmandir Door:  The Balmandir door will be open during the following times:  8:00 – 8:45 AM, 10:10 – 11:30 AM.  It will be closed the rest of the time.

3.  Holi at CMH     Sun. Mar. 24, 2019

The countdown to celebrate the colorful and fun filled festival of Holi has started. Event details are below:

Where: CMH Courtyard

When: Sun Mar. 24, after 2nd Session

Time: 1:00 PM onwards

1st session members, while waiting, can spend their time browsing through our amazing Library, or basking in the courtyard with a book under the tree, and/or visiting our temple.

The celebration will entail Holi Fire, Lunch, Music, Games and Colors.  Our Bala Vihar children and adults alike love this opportunity of free play.  Let us plan to come together and create colorful memories.

For further Details click here.

A few tickets are remaining and can be bought in between the two sessions in the dining area.

Adults – $10.00

Bala Vihar Kids – $5.00

4.  “Krishna Leela” – A Dance Drama     Sun. Mar. 31, 2019

“Krishna Leela” is a unique Dance Recital based on compositions of Poet Saint Sri Narasimh Mehta. The compositions will be sung by our very own Dr. Rucha Sheth and NIshad Mehta, and dances will be choreographed by Dr. Rathna Kumar, Juhi Vyas and Avani Dave. This offering to Bhagavan Krishna and his devotee Saint Narasimh Mehta will truly be an event to remember.

Proceeds from this event will go towards Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya “Jirnoddhar” projects to bring the temple back to its best condition.

Program Details are as below:

Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: Stafford Civic Center, 1415 Constitution Ave, Stafford, TX 77477

Tickets: $25, $50, $100, $250, and VIP

There are still choice seats available so please hurry up and buy them ASAP!  Tickets are on sale at Mission and can be bought in the Dining Area, after both sessions.

You may also buy your tickets online at   https://www.tickets2events.com/cmh/ or https://www.chinmayahouston.org/

For further details please click here

Also, please note that this event is open for the entire Houston community, both for tickets and advertisements.  So you may want to reach out to your extended family, friends, acquaintances and businesses, so they can benefit from the same.

Brochure/souvenir for the “Krishna Leela” Program

Chinmaya Mission is bringing out a brochure/souvenir for the upcoming “Krishna Leela” program on Sunday, March 31, 2019. All funds raised from the souvenir will be for the temple Jirnodhar projects. We request your help to make this effort a big success. You, your business, your family and friends can do this by sponsoring advertisements in the souvenir.

The advertisement sponsorships are as below:

Back Cover page                $5000              Free 5 VIP tickets

Back inside page,               $3,000             Free 3 VIP tickets

Front inside page               $3,000             Free 3 VIP tickets

Center page                       $3,000             Free 3 VIP tickets

Full page –                         $2,000             Free 2 VIP tickets

Half page –                        $1,000             Free 2 $250 tickets

1/4 page –                         $500                Free 2 $100 tickets

Please email your advertisements to anilshethmd@gmail.com or deshmukhj@gmail.com.

5.  Swamini Supriyanandaji’s visit to CMH   Mon-Wed Apr. 22-24, 2019

Swamini Supriyanandaji, head of Hong Kong center and author of children’s story books, will be visiting Houston. Please mark your calendars to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

The program will be as follows:

Apr. 22 – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM       Pravacana by Swamini Supriyananda

Apr. 23 – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM       Seminar/Workshop for Shishu Vihar Program

April 24 – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM      Workshop contd.

This seminar is focused on curriculum for children of ages 2-4. All interested teachers, parents, and grandparents of little children will immensely benefit from this seminar.

Pravacana and Seminar are open for public. If you know anyone interested in Chinmaya Mission activity for this age group, you can encourage them to participate.

More details about the program will be available in coming weeks.

6.  Gita Chanting Competition (GCC) for Bala Vihar children on May 4, 2018

On the occasion of Pujya Gurudeva’s birthday, we conduct Gita Chanting Competition for our Bala Vihar children every year.

This year the competition is on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 and will be held on Saturday, May 04.

All related details for GCC are now available on our website. On line registration starts on Sunday Feb. 10.


GCC Classes

To prepare for the Competition, Gita Chanting Classes are being offered for Balavihara children every Sunday at Chinmaya Prabha from February 10th to April 28th. Please bring a printed copy of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 to the class.

Class schedule is given below. Children are required to attend classes for their respective session.

Group 1 & Pre KG, – 2

Group 2

Grades 3 -5

Group 3 & 4

Grades 6 – 12

Morning Session

(7:45 AM to 8:30 AM)

N 105

(KG classroom)

N 104

(Grade 2B Classroom)

N 103

(Grade 2A Classroom)

Afternoon Session

(10:30 AM to 11:15 AM)

S 112

(Grade 4 Classroom)

Grade 3

Grades 4 and 5

S 107

(Grade 3 classroom)


(Grade 8 Classroom)


(Grade 6 Classroom)

For a map to the class room please click here

7.  Remember to use AMAZONSMILE – CMH receives .5% of member purchases, as donation

As announced, please note, that CMH has now been registered with the AmazonSmile program.  This means that every time a CMH member buys through AmazonSmile, at this link < http://smile.amazon.com/ch/76-0287512, CMH receives .5% of our member purchases towards donations.

For your convenience this link has now been provided on our CMH website https://www.chinmayahouston.org/

We encourage all members to save the above link in their “Favorites” and use this link for future purchases.  This change does not cost members anything extra, but will most certainly help with CMH finances.

8.  Satsanga Timings           Sun. Mar. 17, 2019

7:45 AM – 8:30 AM Adult Chanting & GCC Class

8:35 AM – 10:15 AM Satsanga I for adults & Bala Vihar grades Pre-KG-12

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM Language including Hindi Language Classes for Session II Bala Vihar, GCC & Orchestra

11:20 AM – 1:00 PM Satsanga II for adults & Bala Vihar grades Pre-KG-10

No Slokathon classes from Feb 10 to Apr 28, 2019

To prepare children for the Gita Chanting Competition (GCC), we will have Gita classes instead of Slokathon, from Feb 10 to Apr. 28, 2019.  Slokathon children will attend GCC classes.

Please note Bhajana classes are held every other Sunday.

9.  Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya

Temple timing:

Monday to Friday
9:00 AM – Noon
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday            
8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Annual Sponsorship of Pujas at Saumyakasi Sivalaya

To seek the Lord’s grace throughout the year and/or on special occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries, and to have the priest perform Arcana and Arati on your behalf in the temple, please fill out the annual sponsorship form.

Puja Schedule:

Everyday  Arati 7:30 PM

Every Monday  Rudrabhisekam 7:00 PM

Every Pradosa day Rudrabhisekam 7:00 PM

Every Saturday Sri Sivasahasranama Puja 9:00 AM

Every Caturthi day Ganesa Puja 6:30 PM
Every Purnima day Sri Satyanarayana Puja     
6:30 PM